Cape Cod Maid

Home Care Property Management Services, Inc.
Forestdale, Ma. (508) 815-4280

Residential Cleaning Services

Regularly Scheduled Cleanings

- Weekly
- Bi-Weekly
- Monthly
- As Needed Basis

One-Time Cleaning

- Cape Cod Seasonal Cleanings
- Spring Cleanings
- Fall Cleanings
- Deep Cleaning
- Moving In / Moving Out
- Estate Cleanings
- Cape Cod Bank Owned Property Cleanings
- Special Occasions

Post Construction Cleaning

- Are you a Professional Builder - we know what it takes to get the job done right, the first time, we are your "professional cleaning company".
- Homeowner's - Are you doing your own renovations, hire a professional cleaning company to tackle the cleaning. We will not only do the cleaning but if you would like, we can professionally do the windows as well. Just ask us to include a seperate quote on the windows while quoting the job.

Vacation By Owner Rentals

- We set the standard in the industry when it came to VBOR's, Home Away and We Need a Vacation clientelle here on Cape Cod.
- We listened, and We reacted - We are your "One Stop Shop"
- We Can Do It All For You, because "we wrote the book"

Anyone can do surface cleaning

- We take the time to get into those nooks and crannies.
- We get into those “high and low” hard to reach places, getting every cobweb.
- We get into the crevices and corners while cleaning doors, baseboards and moldings.

What sets us apart from ALL the others...

We pay attention to the Detail....We ARE a reflection of what you want to represent - whether its your OWN home, your Summer Vacation getaway or your Vacation rental property. More importantly, we understand the element of communication. Communication is a key factor when it comes to customer satisfaction and our direct success. You'll never have to worry about an employee understanding your needs, because each one of our employees understands US.

Washing / Waxing / Dusting and Vacuuming go hand in hand with each cleaning.....

REO properties & Estates

- Trust a Licensed Home Watch Security Company to manage the cleaning and manage the watch services for these properties
- Let a Bonded and Insured Company ensure that the Cleaning is done in an appropriate manner.
- We will ensure that these items do not show up for sale in the local consignment store.

Massachusetts State Police Home Watch Guard License #W-807

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